Tips for Buying Synthetic Seadek Teak

Chaparral Seadek Teak

Chaparral Seadek Teak

Seadek teak – The synthetic teak looks like a natural teak wood, but with lower cost and maintenance. It is becoming a popular option on new boats, and is widely used in renovations or to increase a used boat. To make a good decision when purchasing this material you need to know some important details. SeaDek professionals ( ) gave these six precious and necessary tips.

First, non-slip; some varieties of synthetic seadek teak have better non-slip properties than others. Ask for some samples, wet them well and walk on top of them before making your decision. Second, cleaning; ask if the synthetic teak you are considering is made of closed cell material. Third, installation; ask how to install or replace the synthetic teak deck. Most often, it is necessary to sand the surface where the glue is used to fix the material.

In some cases, the residual adhesive from the previous installation can be removed using mineral solvents or similar products. Fourth, heat absorption; the denser and darker the material, the hotter it gets. The surfaces of lower density and lighter colored synthetic teats are generally colder. Denser materials absorb and retain heat for longer. Five, UV Stability; ask if ultraviolet (UV) light protection is used in the fabrication of the synthetic seadek teak you are considering placing on your boat deck. The sun can fatally shorten the life of this deck material long before wear and tear.

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